Flawed to the core.

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Political, Social
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"The Big Blunder"

The lottery-cum-rotation policy of the bill is highly dangerous for the democracy in this country.

3 Reasons why the bill is dangerous:

1) Firstly: anybody who is successful in standing for the elections under this bill (winner or loser) cannot stand again for another 15 years! Rotation policy fail.

2) Constituencies are rotated every election! Rotation of reserved constituencies in every election would only reduce the incentive for an MP to work for his constituency as he may be ineligible to seek re-election from that constituency.

3) Election of female “proxy” (wife or daughter) by the male counterparts is not far from happening!

[Credits for above reasons: Global Voices Online]

This whole pressured mess of creating a bill could have been avoided and the bill could have been passed much earlier if only the drafters had followed a system alternative to the lottery-cum-rotation system.

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  1. Rohan says:

    Good. I’d like to see more takes on global scenarios as well. 🙂

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