Green Economy

Posted: April 9, 2010 in People, Political, Social
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Would it solve the poverty issues in developing countries?

Business Week-

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  1. It could solve both, but for that they have to be paid well by the government. And there, corruption is a major problem.

  2. Sudarshan says:

    Hey Abhi, good to see you in here 🙂

    Adding some personal insight to your valid take on the issue – you are very true about the fact that it has to be handled without corruption by the government.

    But I believe on the “paid well” front, that may not actually happen and needn’t necessarily happen.

    1) Green Economy comes at a very big cost. Making cars that run on electricity was scrapped off in California after huge expenditures were involved (expected) and the heavy cost that the users faced upfront (consumers are reckless of course to be avoiding long term gains)

    2) It will be a solution to reducing structural unemployment rate (and hence push those with nil income to a considerably self-sustaining point in life), and wouldn’t probably be able to handle raising the standard of living above a threshold rate. So the pay (dollar number) doesn’t matter in structural unemployment. Scandinavian countries are following it to combat climate change. They don’t worry much about poverty. But developing countries need to worry about it.

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