The 3-way tug o’ war between Indian Women, Marriages & Education!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Photoshop, Social
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A long way to go...

While women emancipation is taking place continuously, there isn't enough awareness on how normal women (all classes of the society) suffer when it comes to sacrificing education & career for marriage (and family). Things are improving - there are government aids for girl children to prevent this, but government help isn't just enough. Parents need to alerted of the big threat that lack of such freedom for these women poses to society in the long run (this apathy happens specially with the the eldest daughter in the family).


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For a young married girl in India, education is a dream come true:

Renuka Chowdhary launches scheme to protect Girl Child in India:

Barriers to Education in India:

Intergenerational effects – “The impact of a change in women’s schooling in poor high-fertility societies may affect the next generation through changes in the survival probabilities of both women and their children.” –

Pertaining to other countries
Taiwan (applicable to other East Asian countries too) – “Early born children in large families do poorly, and particular poorly if they are female and can, hence, marry early. This is a model which seems to fit observed patterns both in Taiwan and abroad, where concerns about old age support are less severe.” –

  1. bedazzled says:

    Nice one ! In a strange way these gender expectations still thrive on..but like you put it ,its not as bad as it used to be ..

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