I studied Engineering but I find my creative outlet through this visual medium of digital posters. Why digital and why not print?? Because of the power of web. I intend to reach out to people all over the world and address their social and political issues. Why posters?? Why not well-written articles? Sure, that’s a good question. But I am sure you are already bored reading until this point. Text takes time to register in our brains. Visual data is usually more provocative and there is a greater probability of the content doing more than just ‘creating awareness’. Yes, this is advertising in a way. But the brand here is not some MNC. It is a real world problem that I want you to take note of.

I don’t intend to use this as a showcase of my photoshop skills but as a tool for bringing about awareness on social issues. Hopefully, someday I would have gathered enough support and momentum to make this a project that can bring about some change in this world.

Make yourselves comfortable at Visualmantra. User studies have shown that you wont be bored here (citation needed).

To holler online: sudarshan.1988@gmail.com

  1. Abhinav Shukla says:

    Awesome site, never knew you were this talented, looking forward to seeing more of your designs. All the best!

  2. Sudarshan says:

    Thanks macha 🙂 Shall keep you entertained regularly (no pun lol)! You could subscribe your email address on the right side panel, so that you could receive emails whenever new blogs are posted! Hope that helps. Cheers for the support!

  3. Kaushik R says:

    Hey Sudu,

    Amazing talent… Am out of words.. Never let go of your passion.. You would surely go places..

  4. Sudarshan says:

    Thanks kau 🙂 Means a lot! Hope to pick up some sort of a career out of it sometime in the future..

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