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"Chennai Super Kings Forever"

Chennai is a great place to be in. While you can't find better places serving tastier "idlis" and "dosas", you also find other cuisines of the likes of "Spicy Thai food" and "Burritos, Nachos varieties" at niche places like Benjarong and Don Pepe. You can't of course forget the legendary savories - "sundal" and "bajjis" on Marina beach. We love food, we love music (AR Rahman!), we love our culture and heritage, we love our cricket. The funny accent is one of our weak points but what guess what - We love laughing at ourselves 🙂 This poster is my tribute to my only home - Chennai (Madras)....GO CHENNAI SUPER KINGS! Hopefully, we will win this time. Great article (

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Here’s a funny read relating to Chennai’s entry into Lonely Planet list of travelogues. Krishashok is a funny guy!

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"After Liverpool game my team-mates congratulated me and made a lot of jokes: "We'll do everything for you tonight! Do you want anything? Just say and we'll bring it running. Can we clean your boots? Or carry your bag?" - Andrei Arshavin after the famous 4-4 draw against Liverpool

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